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Originally Posted by RoytoSakic View Post
When going for a mask, like others have said, don't cheap out. Luckily it seems like most adult masks have some kind of Kevlar in it. I have an Eddy with three layers of Kevlar and taking a puck off the mask is not a problem anymore. Do not get fiberglass.
Yes and no.

Kevlar is stronger than fiberglass thus making it a better material for masks. But, that said, fit is also an extremely important of making a mask protective.

Fiberglass will more than suffice if you get a good fit (Protechsport has a custom fit fibreglass masks for 300 dollars or so), it will be more protective than a poorly fitted high level Kevlar mask (ie if you have a giant gap between the forehead and the sweatband).

I would say that if you are just playing pick up goaltending, something like a Hackva, Sportmask, Protechsport, Bauer NME7, Eddy GT series or RBK 7k will suffice

Just don't go with the Bauer 1200/1400, Bauer 2500 NME3 or NME5, or the RBK3k. Those are the most common masks on the retail market, but they are also the most dangerous as they are made of flimsy plastic.

Edit: if you really want to buy new gear, Sherwood is closing down their goalie factories so they have a bunch of clearances. You can get a full set of T95's for 599.99 now at some stores, those are one of the best senior level gear on the market and they are as close to pro level as you can get without being actually Pro.

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