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Originally Posted by murdock1116 View Post
I think the biggest problem with trading Marleau is that we for sure won't get equal value nor will it make us a better team...UNLESS its for a bunch of great prospects, but DW is not going to do that cause he's a win now "retool" gm. Not a rebuilder.

We need Marleau for speed, trading him for another speedy skater is a lateral move.

We could trade him to a contender but it's unlikely we'll be able to get two good players back since that team presumably wants the players they have to win.

We can't really trade him to a rebuilder because he's too old to Benifit a team like that.

The only type of team we could trade him too is a fringe playoff team but in all likelihood they'll be getting the best player and better end of the deal.

All and all the only arguable reason I buy into for trading Marleau is the "shake up" theory. But that's hard to rationalize and who knows if there is any merit to it.

Philly did that and maybe they put themselves in a good position for the future. Or maybe they shot themselves in the foot and watched carter/Richards rub it in their faces

Anyway, trade clowe and Murray for stafford and leopold, give it one more go around and if we fail next year. THEN trade everyone
The problem is if you wait till next year most of our players are going to be worth next to nothing since they have NMC's and only one year left on their contracts.

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