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Originally Posted by Hightide85 View Post
What's wrong is I don't want him to be our 6th defenseman.

So you're saying you'll be satisfied if he's our 6th defenseman going into the playoffs, next year?

Can anyone here say that?
let's weigh some options...
as of right now we have:
del zotto/staal

if stralman is not coming back(he's homesick and might not want to stay), we don't sign schultz(1 of 29 teams after him-- odds aren't all that great--though i def believe we're a frontrunner), and sauer is still injured(not looking bright for him- losing a lot of conditioning, may never play again)-- then yes-- i would be 100% content with bickel staying on this team as a 6th. i'd prefer him over eminger(age/injury history)

*erixon may not even be in... then we have two spots to fill with other teams' rejects when the majority of the league is looking for defensemen. bickel has the experience. knows our system. he had a great start last year.

he's not bad by any extent. he's not a top 4 guy and we don't need him to be. he's been more than safe on D the majority of his time here.

i have a feeling you're weighing him against our top pairings instead of the rest of the league... he's not mcdonagh. he's not staal. he's not girardi. he's not del zotto. he's a solid 3rd pairing guy who can double as a forward in a pinch if we get desperate in depth. he does fine.

who do you want, john ****ing scott? orrr maybe we'll just trade away a prospect or roster player for a depth defenseman? no thanks! we don't have many options. bickel's does exactly what he needs to and he's willing to drop the gloves.

bickel's biggest problem is that torts doesn't trust him yet.

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