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06-15-2012, 06:08 PM
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Very interesting post Nemesis, and I agree with you. Just to play the devil's advocate, couldn't you make an argument that holding back a strong arm for the VERY late innings (8 and 9) is effective in getting the hitters off-time? Majority of closers (at least traditionally) are guys that can hit mid-90's with a fastball and after 8 innings of seeing fastballs at ~90mph, seeing that extra heat in the 9th could lead to more swing and misses. By no means am I saying I agree with overpaying for a "closing" pitcher, but I do see some value in keeping a strong arm for the 9th.

As for the Morneau thing, yea I agree with those of you that said the trade would mean the end of the Lind era.

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