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06-15-2012, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by MadmanSJ View Post
I agree. I find it a bit polarizing with Marleau's attitude because when I play sports or am involved in any sort of competition I am more vocal and passionate.. but this isn't my criticism here with Marleau, however odd I find it.

As you have pointed out, my criticism is that the effort is lacking, not that he isn't calling out his teammates and being vocal and looking pissed off (which again, totally weird).

He can be as quiet and unflappable as he wants if the all out effort/drive/determination/grit/sacrifice is there. It hasn't been, which makes his lackadaisical attitude stick out even more.
And how do you know that the effort isn't there? How is his effort not there but Thornton's is when Marleau had over twice as many hits as Thornton? When he had more blocked shots than Thornton?

To be quite honest, most people here don't know how to properly gauge effort level and certainly not give it the proper context because effort is shown differently in the role you play on the ice. If you're Marleau playing with Thornton and Pavelski, you're seeing the puck a lot less and you're forced to play the more defensive role which means less getting involved down low and less getting involved in front of the net because you have to make up for the fact that Thornton and Pavelski cannot play transition defense to save their life in the positions they are in with the speed they have.

There is simply no way that this team can get better by trading Marleau. None. If they want to move him to move on, that's fine but you might as well do the complete rebuild or there's just no point. But anyone thinking that Marleau can be moved in a way that would improve our chances next season is dreaming. Heatley for Havlat worked because our team speed improved but even that had its drawbacks. There's no way to make an improvement where this team needs it the most by trading Marleau.

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