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06-15-2012, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Body Checker View Post
A 40 goal scorer who goes hard deep in the offensive zone but doesn't get back quick to backcheck (usually because they're tired) is looked at as a coach's problem, a liability, lazy because their defensive play is not up to snuff.

A 10 goal scorer who hangs back, plays the high forward position, first back on the backcheck, kills penalties, blocks shots, etc. is a coach's dream, hard worker, easy to coach.

Pure offensive players get crapped on too much about their defence. Top defensive forwards don't get crapped on enough about their lack of production.
Originally Posted by HighLifeMan View Post
I think the largest reason for Iginla's alleged defensive struggles last year can be attributed to the disconnect he and Brent had in regards to how they wanted the team (and more specifically Iginla) to play the game.

I understand why Brent made those decisions, I just don't think it was the right call to make. Jarome Iginla has been one of the most successful players in the league over the past decade, you would think he would be given a much larger leash to do what he want's on the ice. More so, I think he was confused as to why the team was consistently changing there game plan on a year to year basis.

1st Season - Defensive System, not a very deep offensive team - 201 GF, 203 GA
2nd Season - Far more uptempo offensive system that allowed for more creativity - 241 GF, 230 GA
3rd Season - Defensive System, Stressed three zone accountability from all players - 199 GF, 217 GA

I can't say I blame the players for not buying into what Brent was selling when it seems he himself had a tough time discovering his own system.

It is truly no coincidence that Hartley was brought in and is being heralded as a great communicator. I think he will do wonder's for Iginla and Tanguay specifically.
And This. God damn you guys are on the ball.

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