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06-15-2012, 08:32 PM
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The Free Agent Game

In prior seasons we seemingly spent a lot more time talking about the contracts of players we would like to re-sign. We haven't done a whole lot of that this year. I am interested in hearing what people think players will get this year in FA. BUT, I also want to change it up a little, so I crafted this game with the prospect game that frequently happens on the prospect board.

The Rules (steps) of the Game
1. Come up with your best guess for the length of contract and average dollar amount (cap hit) for the player mentioned in the post before yours. (You can be more detailed if you like, ex: 5 years with a $4M Cap Hit. Year 1 "x" salary dollars, year 2 "x" salary dollars, NMC, NTC...etc.)

2. Name a UFA or RFA, from the free agent class this year, that you thing the Blues will sign or a player that you want the Blues to sign (Feel free to fantasize and be creative if you want.)

*This isn't supposed to be an overly realist look at the players we want to sign, just try to be realistic/honest in regards to their contracts.

*You do NOT have to rationalize the player you selected to be signed. We have a roster thread for that.

* Players CAN be repeated.


Poster 1:
Chris Stewart
Poster 2:
Chris Stewart=1 Year, $3M Cap Hit
Next Player: Cam Janssen
Poster 3:
Cam Janssen=1 year, $.6M Cap Hit
Next Player: D. J. King

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