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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
I have just finalized my draft rankings, and figured I'd post it here if that's okay. I worked with TSN and McKeen's this year, and while I didn't get at the rankings seriously until December, I think I've come up with a list that I'm comfortable publishing.

I don't get to see all of the top prospects live, so I rely on some help from some of my scouting contacts to help fill in the blanks. Sort of a hybrid of what Bob McKenzie and Craig Button do in compiling their rankings. I will be available to answer some questions on occasion over the next week.

Lottery teams anchor their drafting philosophy to a long term strategy. The shortest development time frame, ...for the longest lasting impact on their team's planned-for successes. Drafting default...a precious, for rare, window of opportunity onto a sophisticated long-game strategy. This is obviously not to be wasted on quick fixes and evanescent glories.

The conceptual framework of pundits, bloggers, journalists, analysts and what not rests essentially on a bedrock of short term memory. One has to be right, ...and remembered professionally, emotionally for being right within an optimally rewarding time frame beyond which creeps in the law of diminishing return. In short, they have a financial, ...professional, ...emotional stake in hitting memory-length, proprietary targets instead of painting with a broad brush the fuzzy realism of the 'arch of history'.

Grigorenko's very nature will play to his future team's long-game strategy. But it cannot, ...will not play well to a pundit's 'pay dirt' memory... However Teravainen's might, ...for even more rewarding it is for a bloodhound scribbler to spin a Finn's failure as a moral victory than it is to turn Russian uncalled for glory into a mere accident of history.

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