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06-16-2012, 12:39 AM
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I am signing your last post. Bravo, man.

Problem is philosophy. Swedes/Finns etc dont have problem with beeing feeder league of NHL. Especially Elitserien has now status as AHL, european developing league. Medvedev wants to create league which is INDEPENDENT from NHL, can keep its best players (of course, not all).

Europe must cooperate with NHL, but we have to adopt rules which are adequate, not only to be feeder/developing league for NHL.

IIHF and ET a co. are dreaming about Champions Leagues but they dont have two most important things - high quality players and finance
How do they want to create attractive Champions League???? Would be soccer Champions League so attractive if only second/third tier players participate?? Soccer Champions League without clubs from England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium (because there are best players playing in Europe). Would it be so great? IIHF wants to create Champions League of third tier players (after NHL, KHL).

For opponents of Medvedevīs vision - guys, look at transfers in/out in Elitserien and SM-Liiga this summer. All best players are going to NHL or KHL, they are replaced by juniors which is great but not good for TOP TIER league as Champions League. And I dont say about slovak clubs which are loosing best players (btw overpayed) for 2nd france league, Ukrainian league etc

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