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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
This is all nice, but KHL going the way it is going right now - it means only replacing one despot (NHL) with another (KHL). The best thing for all hockey would be making it work the way soccer (the most successful sport ever) works. Take away all power from the leagues (NHL, KHL, whichever else) and give it to IIHF and national associations, just like FIFA, UEFA etc. works.
You cannot compare football (soccer) and hockey because football has much more financial parity than hockey. In football you have English league, Spanish league, Italian league, German league and nowadays Russian league that are able to pay similar salaries to players. Dutch, French and Turkish leagues are also pretty strong financially.

In hockey we used to have one league (NHL) with more money to spend than other leagues combined. Now the KHL is somewhat able to compete with the NHL financially but yet lacks the prestige and conditions to lure the best talent to play there.

The NHL and the KHL will continue to act "despotically" as long as they are financially superior to other leagues. Althought I would not call the KHL a "despot" because at least it pays for the players. The NHL just takes them without paying.

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