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06-16-2012, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Personally, I dont know why, but Ive a hard time to believe in TT hype.. The fact he has been used as a winger and didnt prove his worth as a natural center yet is definitively a concern to me, add his serious lack of size and I dont really understand why he should be ranked that high unless his skills are really that outstanding.. Also, if Grigorenko fall that low Im quite speachless.. The upside is too huge to get "snobed" so many times.. On the other side, I think your concerns on Yakupov are legit and should be factored compared to other top prospects' concerns.. Coach Beaulieu also mention that the guy tend to cheat offensively, what is more tolerated in junior but can become a real concern at the NHL level..
Well - an NHL head scout told me TT is a "natural center if I ever saw one." That's good enough for me when it comes to where he will play in the NHL. TT was barely 17 playing in a men's league...he played on the wing during the regular season because that was the only place where there was an opening. Would you not call Tyler Seguin a center? Yet because of numbers he has played on the wing quite often the past two seasons..doesn't mean he won't be a center for the majority of his NHL career.

I don't know why people nitpick about me saying it might take four or five years to reach his full NHL potential. Four years from now he may be a 40-60point scorer..but that doesn't mean he will have reached his full potential.

AS for there being few top five picks who need foru or five years...How many were four days shy of the following year's draft? A four year-wait for TT to reach his potential is almost like a three-year wait...he will still only be 20 years old when he shows up for his fourth NHL training camp.

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