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11-27-2003, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Sather
1) Quite a few of us are smart.
2) Leonsis is a billionaire last I heard.
3) Poti does have value at his whopping $2.7 million deal, which was given to him by an arbitrator I might add. Tell Zdeno Chara the 13 crosschecks to his back the other night were buy a guy called "Charmin". He's not Scott Stevens but come on.
4) These deals generally don't happen because they are mega deals, and mega deals generally don't happen.

Having money and having liquidity are 2 different things. Leonsis lost quite a bit of money when AOL stockprices went down the tubes. If he assumes any salary, it will be a small amount for 1 year.

I don't want Poti on my team at any price. Again, if he's so good, why does he keep getting traded. He's a nice offensive player who IS soft.

Check the Caps history and McPhee's manner of making trades. How will the deal go down if it does? I think Johannson deal gives a clue. It will be similar to what the Caps gave to Pittsburgh. Very unlikely to include other players. The Caps want young and cheap. I think they have decided to blow it up and start over. If so, they will look to deal Jagr, Lang, Gonchar, and Kolzig. They are NOT looking to deal: Sutherby, Ouellet, Gordon, Fussey, Eminger, Zubrus, and probably Grier. So, if the Rags want Jagr, they are going to have to risk some salary. They also need to ante up some prospects. To pander to idiots who think Leonsis will pay $20 million is stupid. Better to just eat his contract ourselves and not take trash. Leonsis may not be a great hockey man, but he knows business.

If a deal is to be made, Jagr gains value at the trade deadline. You can basically lop off another year of his contract at that time. The Caps will wait until someone antes up.

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