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06-16-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Harley83 View Post
The Joe Thornton that attacks and cheap-shots non-fighters to the likes of Perron, Sedin, Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Sulander and Desjardins on the ice and then off the ice makes comments about the Bruins being favored, calls the New York Rangers the softest team they played
Yes, absolutely freaking yes.
You love Jackman and then turn around and complain about Thornton? Jackman who follows Kane across the ice the punch in the back of the head, subtly butt-end the second the ref is looking the other way, etc.? The same guy who said, and I quote, when the Blackhawks complained about how the Blues played "Sorry we hurt their feelings"
I can only presume you would not want Pronger on the team either.

gets arrested for assaulting a police officer? Playing tough guy to non-fighters, trash-talking during interviews and getting arrested for trying to fight the police, that reminds of somebody.... Sean Avery.
Are you referring to the 2003 thing where a half-drunk Jumbo Joe was arrested for shoving an officer that was placing his brother in hand-cuffs? That was almost a decade ago and there has not been a peep about off-ice behavior since. Thornton is not exactly Eddie Belfour here.

Flatly speaking, if the Blues were able to somehow land Thornton for a good price (which I doubt, it would require losing one of our two main centers, other serious pieces, etc.) the Blues would finally have an imposing #1 center which they have been lacking for a very, very long time. Army would be absolutely stupid to not inquire were San Jose to make it known that Jumbo was available. I would take Thornton on my team any day of the week and frankly anyone disagreeing because of farcical issues needs to consider watching the first round from this year again.

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