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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
About Yourself
Name: J
Age: 26
Location: Pittsburgh
Origin of Screen Name: Part of my last name & my favorite team.

Hockey Background
Years Playing: Since I was 5 years old. 21 years
Current Team: I play on 3-4 pick up teams
Highest Level Played: I played Junior A in the EJ and College.
Position: Defense
Type of Player: I'm 5'9 so I was a physical/scrappy hitter/shot blocker. Was great on the PK and had very good vision for all the years I played. I'm not a goal scorer. I love hitting someone and taking the puck and making a beautiful outlet pass to set the play up. I also communicate the entire game. My mouth never shuts up. All i did when I was younger was think/eat/sleep/breathe hockey. I studied the game every minute.
Player You Emulate: I love guys like Scuderi and Orpik. They just do so much that goes unnoticed.

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 5000 (loove this helmet)
Shoulders: Bauer Supreme
Elbows: Don't wear 'em. Didn't in juniors either.
Shins: Bauer Vapors
Gloves: Eagle
Skates: CCM
Stick: My original baby is Synergy Grip but now I will use the Mako

Hobbies: Hockey, tennis, & golf. I love staying active.
Movies: Dark Knight, Miracle, Mystery Alaska
Music: All. I seriously love it all. Country first, then anything from death metal to symphony
TV: Scrubs, Person of Interest, any hockey game
Food: Burger/Fries
Drinks: Mt Dew/Red Bull
Hockey Team: Penguins
Hockey Player: All time - Lemieux
So your name is J-Cole? Like the rapper?

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