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Originally Posted by Issacar View Post
If the lowered cap doesn't come with a rollback on salaries plenty of teams will be ****ed in the arse. Not sure if the lockout will really extend long enough to cost some season games.

Main issue : lots of teams with struggling fanbase will lose their fans. Also, lots of teams already losing money will only lose even more money by forfeiting the season. Most players weren't around in the previous lockout, can they afford to not play next season?

I heard some experts mentionning that if the NHL toss in a 2 teams expansion during the CBA talks with the NHLPA, the fact that 46 mroe jobs will be opened for players will help them swallow the pill of the new CBA.

In the last lockouts, teams had more to gain by forfeiting the season then to give in to the players. This time around, I feel that both sides has more to lose then to win and they will find an agreement quickly.

I see the NHL being in the same kind of situation as the NFL last year...
Your first point is exactly why there will be a rollback. If next years cap is lower than this years there will be a rollback.

I sure hope there's no expansion, watered down enough as is.

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