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06-16-2012, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Hollywood Burrows View Post
How about no goal song? Let's go further-- how about no music during the game? And let's take it one step past that and hang DJ Dave from the Roger Neilson statue.

The atmosphere in Rogers blows. Nobody pays 200 bucks to come sit in an arena and listen to nickleback and chris brown. I hate hearing pop music at a hockey game. Organ music only, please.
Originally Posted by Maccas View Post
Got to be honest I really liked Green Day for a goal song, it just fitted well and as people say there is now good memories attached to it because of the cup run.
It's got to be something that rocks though, riffs like Cochise by Audioslave would be perfect as a goal horn.

I could actually really get behind this, only just really got into Metric (Yes, thanks to Scott Pilgrim) but I've not heard anyone use anything much like this and Stadium Love would definitely make a good choice.
Why does the goal song always have to be the same? Why not be original and play a variety of music?

I don't agree the atmosphere at Roger's arena sucks. It's all dependant on the quality of game you are watching. If the games are good, the crowd is into it. It's when the games turn to **** the fans tune out. I agree, it's not Chicago or Winnipeg, but it's certainly not Tampa or Phoenix either.

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