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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
I made this post on /r/ea_NHL and i'll post it here..

This will be sort of a rant but oh well..

Having played about 750 games between the two consoles (363 on xbox and 280 ps3) I think it's safe for me to say this..

The xbox players just suck. terribly.

No one passes, skaters usually suck, defenseman playing like Erik Karlsson minus the whole be good offensively part, goalies just pick goalie to be ********** since they haven't gotten their positions..

The only real redeeming factor is that xbox's best players seem to be better than the ps3's best players.. Not by too much, but it's still noticeable..

With ps3, there's a lot of forwards that suck, but at least they can finish their shots..
Overall ps3's community is better on average than xbox's community.

My personal favorite are the people that skate in circles at the bottom of the circle waiting for the cross crease pass to open up.

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