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Originally Posted by Markstroms pads View Post
And no i meant the SEL.

But realistically, what's the alternative? Combining with the FEL? People are not interrested, same as the KHL. The SEL is geting more and more watered out as we speak!
Well, if you think about it the SEL has had great development during this side of the millennium. So it has not stepped backwards, it has taken several steps forwards. New arenas, turnovers and player salaries multiplying many times. Before we lost players to Switzerland and Germany because we could not match the salaries, that's not the case anymore.

Today revenue has more or less hit the roof, there is nothing more to squeeze out of the market, and that's why we hear talks about European leagues.

We are losing more players to the NHL because Europeans are fully accepted in North America now days, that was not the case before. And the NHL has also added more teams during the 90:s - more rosters to fill. And of course the outbreak of the KHL.

We can never compete with those two leagues with a domestic league in Sweden.

The world is also "a smaller place" today. Players can see themselves playing in the AHL and canadian junior leagues. So it is also a change in the players attitudes.

I could see some kind of a merge with Finland without touching the domestic league systems. In that way we keep the swedish championships and top it off with a nordic championship.

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