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06-16-2012, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Loods View Post
For the sake of the Ennis argument - all the even strength points he amassed since 3/10 @ Ottawa, when the FES line was assembled.

4/3 vs. Toronto. Leopold (Ennis, Foligno): Komisarek, Phaneuf
3/31 @ Toronto. Ennis (Stafford, Leopold): Schenn, Gardiner
3/31 @ Toronto. Stafford (Foligno, Ennis): Schenn, Gardiner
3/30 vs. Pittsburgh. Ennis (Sulzer, Weber): Michalek, Orpik
3/27 @ Washington. Stafford (Myers, Ennis): Schultz, Carlson
3/27 @ Washington. Stafford (Ennis, Regehr): Hamrlik, Green
3/23 @ New York Rangers. Stafford (Ennis, Foligno): Bickel, Erixon
3/23 @ New York Rangers. Ennis (Stafford, Foligno): Del Zotto, Staal
3/23 @ New York Rangers. Stafford (Ennis): Del Zotto, Staal
3/19 @ Tampa Bay. Foligno (Ennis, Stafford): Clark, Lee
3/17 @ Florida. Ennis (Stafford, Foligno): Campbell, Garrison
3/14 vs. Colorado. Foligno (Ennis, Stafford): O'Brien, Wilson
3/14 vs. Colorado. Foligno (Stafford, Ennis): Johnson, Hunwick
3/14 vs. Colorado. Sulzer (Boyes, Ennis): O'Brien, Hunwick
3/12 vs. Montreal. Ennis (Stafford, Foligno): Emelin, Markov
3/12 vs. Montreal. Ennis (Stafford, Sulzer): Emelin, Markov
3/10 @ Ottawa. Ennis (Leopold, Leino): Kuba, Karlsson

I don't see a consistent pattern but I do think it leans in favor of the theory that Ennis was successful because he was playing sheltered minutes (which doesn't mean he can't develop into a player who has success against better checkers). His 3-point game against Colorado and 2-point game against Montreal are noted.
I'm not sure why you come to that conclusion? I count 9 out of 17 of those points where I'd consider the defenders the top pairing for the opponent. If that's the case, it's indicative that opponents rolled D pairs against the three scoring lines, not that FES feasted on matchup problems.

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