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06-16-2012, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Harley83 View Post
I don't think they are farcical issues whatsoever. I'm sure it would be pretty awkward for Perron to play on the same team with him after being put out for 13 months with a dirty hit by Thornton. Jackman doesn't carry near the baggage that Thornton does and he has also been on our team for eight seasons. Your presumptions are right, Pronger has had a lot of good seasons with the Blues in the past and in the NHL all together but with his injuries, cost, and age I don't see many more NHL games from him let alone seasons.
What baggage? He had one incident, almost a decade ago.

Perron is a professional who himself said that he understands and forgives Thornton. Plus with Joe on the Blues that keeps him from running over Perron again so that is a double plus. Seems like a win-win for David...unless Joe pulls a Jackman and runs David over in the playoffs.
(I mis-typed previously: I meant that you must not have wanted Pronger on the team. By that I meant when the Blues traded him for scraps)

You seem to want to make excuses for one player but not for another...I find this attitude to be really quite puzzling.

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