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06-16-2012, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
This is a great post. The more I think about it the more I realized that defense isnt nesscissarily about the personnel of your 6 defenseman. Its about all 5 guys on the ice.

Lets be brutally honest here, Giroux and Briere may be the worst top two centerman in the league at defense ( as a tandem). They are both small, offensive players and that needs to be addressed. I hope that Courturier and Schenn can step in and become that responsible two way 2nd line centerman next year for us. But even then we still have issues. We need to round out the roster with more repsonble two way players and to be frank that means a large roster change. We just dont have the personnel to really compete successfully at both ends of the ice. Signing jagr is just going to compound the problem.
Thanks. We can complain about our defensemen all we want but I see the issues defensively revolving more around our team as a unit.

Giroux is really good. His defensive numbers as a #1 center are decent enough and his offensive numbers are obviously fantastic, however you can really see his value in relation to the numbers of his linemates. Jagr and Hartnell had great numbers and were definitely not liabilities this regular season regarding zone time & Corsi (even though Jagr was mostly starting in the offensive zone), and that says a lot about Giroux himself.

What we need is patience, which especially after watching Richards and Carter lift the Cup not a lot of us have around here.


When the Penguins won the Cup, Staal was turning 21 finishing his third full season. If Couturier can develop like Staal and Giroux can flourish as a #1 center, in addition to our other holes being fixed, we have a good chance at a Cup. The Penguins built around Staal, Malkin, Crosby and Fleury. They had a defense of Gill, Orpik, Gonchar, Letang in his 2nd full season, Eaton and Scuderi. Very sound defensively with two very good puck movers. We need to build our defense like this if we are going to continue to play a run-n-gun style. Grossmann, Coburn and Carle are a good start but lots of work needs to be done. Since Briere is our 'Malkin' we obviously need better wingers for him. Voracek was probably our 2nd best winger this past year, so perhaps pairing Voracek and Briere will be beneficial especially if we can get a defensively reliable LW (Hartnell?).

To be honest, I'm not going into next season expecting the Stanley Cup like I have in years past. This needs to be a growing year in addition challenging for the cup. 40 years without a cup is when I will start to lose it... so I still have 3 years of optimism.

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