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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
DZ's sold short on these boards because he's been thrown into every proposal on the trade board for two years running. Last summer he was viewed as a throw in by half our fan base and this year he's somehow viewed as an extra piece that we don't really need.

I will say this--Erixon, at this point, isn't even breathing down Del Zotto's ankle, to say nothing of his neck. Erixon has a LONG way to go before he makes MDZ expendable. Also, I see a lot of people (not you BRFan, but more than a few others) running around saying that we should trade MDZ and replace him with Erixon, Shultz or "a top 4 PMD" like that's an easy thing to do. We've had PMD come up through the system who were highly regarded, only to flop in the NHL entirely (Pock, Sanguinetti) or fail to reach the lofty heights we had for them (Tyutin). We've signed (Redden, Kalinin, Gilroy) or traded for (Backman, Morris, Poti) one PMD after another. We haven't had a real one since Brian Leetch was traded. It's not so easy to just go out and "get" a top-4 PMD. We have one who is only 21 years old.

I'm not saying that Del Zotto shouldn't ever be considered in a move, but it just seems to me that too many people in our fanbase throw his name into trades without stopping to think about just what we have in him, and how difficult it is to get a player like that in the first place.
If MDZ's value is good on the market and you can get a top 3 forward moving him, Dubinsky and maybe a "high" pick (which, unless Hank gets hurt or something, isn't going to be that high) and a mid level prospect/later round pick, you do it in a heartbeat. The biggest problem is Anaheim (Bobby Ryan) and Columbus (Rick Nash) already have players that bring the offense or are expected to bring the offense he already does (Cam Fowler for Anaheim, Wisnewski and JJ for Columbus). Both probably won't settle for MDZ and will demand Staal or McDonagh.

Obviously MDZ's upside is much better, but I don't think you lose much if you put Stralman in at 3rd LD and on the powerplay. In fact I think Stralman is slightly better on the powerplay.

MDZ should not be in our top 4 next season unless McDonagh or Staal get hurt. He looked bad on the right side, and so did Stralman. We cannot go into the season expecting them to play as the 2nd right defenseman unless there are some sort of injuries. That is our second biggest need going into the off-season next to a scoring forward.

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