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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
One of the reasons it's in decline is because he took on the third line center role.

He was never expected to be a point-per-game player, so getting an 80-point season out of his was a bonus.

Also, not sure how you dispute the numbers I used were wrong:

Is Mike Richards not behind Briere, Carter, and Giroux on this list? How is he 2nd among forwards when he wasn't even 2nd among centers?

Did he not have the hardest QoC, with only Nodl and Versteeg on the plus-side?

And he was the highest in 2009-10 in part because he started with Stevens and finished with Lavy, as Giroux had not moved far enough up the depth chart. They, again, needed him to take the tougher assignments and keep them away from Briere and Giroux. His zone starts were only better than that of the 4th line of Powe-Betts-Lappy. In 2010, Briere was being used as a winger, but eventually moved back over which bumped everyone else down (and then Carter got hurt late in the season). That's the year you can say the 2nd and 3rd lines were interchangeable because both Giroux and Richards had someone on their line who didn't belong there.
I was using a different source that disputed that so I could have been wrong. I always thought's stat lines were accurate, but I don't know. They had him listed as what I said.

After Richard's two PPG seasons, I rarely saw anybody saying that it was a bonus. Most people expected him to hover right around that average for most of his career. In 2010, he was definitely used as the first line center and primary scoring line despite putting up average numbers compared to the previous seasons. In 2011 it changed. It was partly due to Giroux passing him on the depth chart, but it was also because his offensive game was in decline. I don't see how you can dispute that. He changed his role on the team, partly because it was a need, but also because he could no longer be counted on to be the go to go guy on offense. He was in a similar situation in LA this year, but nobody brings that up.

Actually, I just looked at that more in depth. The stat you have there is Time on Ice. That's different from Time on Ice average. It may still work out, but that's not what you were using in earlier posts.



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