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06-17-2012, 01:39 AM
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How did I become a Habs fan?

I believe that at least 90% of you guys were born to a red-blue-white parents or at least a daddy who took you to games and beat the ***** out of you whenever you mentioned the words "Toronto maple leafs". My story is much, much different. I've moved to Canada 3.5+ years ago and you are probably asking yourself " then how the f$ck did u become a Habs fan? ??". I am a big soccer fan and when I moved here I thought that hockey was the ********* sport ever but as |they| say, "love at first sight". That's exactly what happened to me. I turned on the TV to watch something cuz I was bored and suddenly, there were the men of MTL. The Quebecois cupid hit me with his arrow in the face. HEAD SHOT. I have no other explanation to why I became a hab. What do u guys think ?

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