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Originally Posted by yunost View Post

MSL is a perfect example. Nice and closed system, scratched the European 'parallel' concept and are doing very well. MLS in soccer is closer to the NHL than any soccer league in Europe and the dividends from that have yielded so much success both in US and Canada!!
Yes, MLS is a closed league, just like many European hockey leagues. How is this relevant? Nobody is complaining that the KHL is a closed league. The Russians can do whatever they want - with their OWN league. The problem is them wanting to conquer the rest of Europe and decide how the rest of Europe should run their hockey.

Which is why I made the comparison of the MLS expanding into Mexico and Brazil. Obviously that would never fly. So why do KHL fans expect the rest of the hockey community to roll over and let them conquer everything?

A united "Western hemisphere" league would probably compete with the UEFA Champions League better in soccer, but there's a reason why if you brought up such an idea anyone with a clue would laugh in your face.

BTW where are the Malmo Redhawks, and the Djurgardens traditions and historic rivals?? LMAO they got shafted and are stuck losing their credibility, fans, players and money. None of that would happen with a closed system.
Unfortunate for them, but better for competition. As I said, I don't have a problem with closed leagues (as long as they stick to their own countries). Though relegation systems are obviously preferred from a competition perspective. All you care about is money though apparently.

Btw I wanna point out that the national leagues are so bureaucratic, and are either entirely run, or severely influenced by that nations' hockey federation. Something, again, not present in the NHL, and something the KHL is working away from.
Uh.... of course they're run by their national hockey federation. They're SUPPOSED TO BE. The Swedish league is run by the Swedish federation because it is the SWEDISH LEAGUE.

The NHL and KHL are independent of national federations (for the most part) because all they care about is money, not tradition.

Its hilarious to me that the Europeans are so stubborn and don't wanna follow the NHL model. Something that is proven successful. Not only from itself, but the KHL and Medvedev which are following the model of the NHL more or less and it has given them tremendous results. The top 2 leagues in the world will tell you that a closed non-parallel system is better, but no, the IIHF and the other hockey geniuses can do it better - with inspiration from the Champions league and various other sports.
As I just said, a closed non-parallel system is better - FOR PROFITS. Quite the opposite for true competition and the good of the sport.

I'm not sure how anyone could possibly say that the NHL model is "successful". Ever been to the Business of Hockey board? It's full of complaining about the NHL's profit motive ruining North American hockey. Like having teams in Florida and Texas instead of Canada.

If KHL fans are happy with the idea of losing a bunch of their teams to non-traditional markets and a league that has absolutely no concern for the tradition of the game, so be it. But I have a feeling KHL fans will be complaining just as much as NHL fans in a decade or two.

I honestly have no clue how Eric Karlsson would stay in Sweden for the reason that there would be some sort of Champions league where he would have the chance to play Eisbaren and Rouen Dragons for a useless trophy that puts you second to the KHL and NHL anyway
I also don't understand why anyone plays in the KHL when they are second to the NHL.... give me a break. Players don't care about that stuff. Winning a European Championship and a national championship in the same year for their hometown team will give them far more motivation to play in their own country over a few more dollars in artificial KHL.

he would even go to the KHL and battle for the Gagarin Cup before that.
Maybe at this point, but I'm talking about a consistent and established Champions League in the future, which would easily rival the KHL. Europeans would be more interested in seeing the best teams from every league compete against each other more than artificial clubs playing in a Russian league, for sure.

A Central European Hockey Champions League inspired by the EUFA would be cute, and over time might even make a little bit of money, but its definitely not gonna change anything in terms of competition and retaining top prospects from the NHL and even KHL
Which is why the UEFA Champions League will never compete with MLS, right? Since closed leagues are so much superior to parallel leagues and all....

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