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06-17-2012, 03:05 AM
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Do you understand that KHL does not want Champions League? Do you understand that european clubs does not have money to run Champions League without Russians? even players btw. Name me at least one collective sport with pan-european competition which does not include BEST euro league of that sport? Btw, I wanna watch WHA games today... where can I watch it? Does not exist?? Why? Because NHL was much better in past and ruined WHA? The same KHL and Europe - it is nonsense to establish contra-league to KHL in Europe, wont survive. KHL is too strong.

Give up idea of Champions League (without KHL) and find some kind of model how to cooperate with KHL. One condition - NO Champions League model.

I see 3 options for Europe:
1) Do nothing - so KHL will establish its clubs in Germany etc
2) Champions League without KHL - not survive
3) Merger KHL and Euro domestic leagues - will work as only one option

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