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06-17-2012, 04:30 AM
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NHL survived, WHA not. Lets have a look to Europe (possible scenario??) - KHL will invite some clubs from new Champions League and Champions League will not survive.

UEFA Champions League would go on without Spain I'm sure.
Ok, Would be UEFA Champions League so succesfull without two of 3 most famous euro clubs? I mean FC Barcelona and Real Mardid.

you keep attacking the champions league idea because that is your only argument.
Please check my previous posts. I just say that Champions League without KHL wont be so succesfull as you may think. KHL will never support idea of Champions League (read Medvedevīs speech). So, only solution is to cooperate - but no Champions League model as soccer has. If you read all posts here, you will find out that it is possible (eurobasket model)

Try to check Slovan Bratislavaīs forum. Majority of fans are happy to play KHL (against not traditional clubs, no rivarly), some of them still prefere czechslovak league but will attend KHL matches, no problem. Fans want to see better competition and KHL offers it

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