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Originally Posted by Winger23 View Post
Just my 2 cents worth....

I mean this with love, but I don't give a damn about having no room for the rookies or what not. You need to ice the best team possible, and guys like Lotki are just going to either have to wait or get traded.

With Gagne back, It will allow a guy who is very valuable in trevor lewis to even drop down to the 4th line, allowing him to still excel at the penalty kill which he is brilliant at.

Fraser and Nolan are very solid 4th line players, along with lewis should be able to pressure like mad.

I really like the team set up as is...Obviously if you can get a guy like Parise you go for it, but I don't see a reason not to keep the team together.
I agree,

For Decades we Kings fans have wanted this exact scenario.

The rookies have to EARN their roster spots, they are given nothing.

This is why the Redwings have been good for 15 years now. The roster spots are earned.

Look how long Slava had to wait, but you can't sit here and say he didn't earn it. I have a huge amount of respect for Slava. I am a huge LOKI homer, but that kid has been lackluster. He is not even on the same planet as Stoll. Stoll may not be a scoring powerhouse, but he is a perfect third line center.

The Kings are past promoting upside, now it switches to who the best player Manchester has to offer. It doesn't end their, then that Manchester player has to beat an NHL veteran.

People will point to King and Nolan, but those guys DID outplay Veterans....Had they not, they would have been sent right back to Manchester.

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