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06-17-2012, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
Sorry but I just disagree, Loki has never been as good as Stoll. You will not find a bigger Loki Homer on this board than me.

The Kid is just not ready. He doesn't do anything well that Stoll brings in spades.

As much as people are making about don't get caught up in the playoff hype (most important part of the season). The Reg season is just as useless if you ask me, Stoll was a huge reason the Kings won the cup. Lets also not forget the Kings were making Stoll play wing more than half the season (he has never been a good winger).

No one knows what salary Stoll will get, but when has Lombardi screwed up the cap ?
I have faith Lombardi will find a salary Stoll and the Kings can both agree on. Also lets add Penner, where are you going to find a guy with Penner's skill set+size+(experience) for say 2.5 to 3m ?
Unless Stoll is playing 4th line I won't be happy with signing a player that brings nothing to the table offensiveley and leads our team in minor penalties. I don't care if we get him for free.

We have too many talented centers in this organization to give the 3rd spot to a guy that is on the downside of a career, when it is keeping us from playing very good players in their natural positions (one of Carter or Richards) or promising cheap youth in Loktionov.

I would love to see Lokti get to play under Sutters system , with wings like Gagne and King. Not so excited about watching Stoll handicap that same line.

If Stoll wants to center Cliffy and Nolan and kill penalties, then by all means...

But him running into people and winning an extra faceoff every 3 games does not make him more valuable then Lokti, to me anyways. Not like my opinion means wa whole lot

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