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Originally Posted by yunost View Post

Dude, do you actually believe that the NHL is inferior to the Swedish Elite League in terms of sporting principle?

HAHA I guess Edmonton should have been relegated long ago, and we would have Hershey playing Toronto, great for local rivalries.

I cant make out if you are blatantly trolling or just displaying an extreme case of 'doublethink'

By the way, The MLS is expanding into Canada just fine, with 'artificial' teams and they're doing great

These so-called epic generational local rivalries are totally overrated. I dont know how primitive the fans of Europe are, but I would imagine that the average fan would rather his team be stacked with talent(inc. homegrown) playing against another competitive team for extremely exciting hockey albeit not a local rivalry, as opposed to some guys skating and playing lower level hockey against a team whose logos extract some sort of hatred from you or at least compellment to win for pride or geographical area.

Also people should realize that if your going to grow the sport, your expanding to people who dont know or have feelings toward rivalries. So to cater to a small amount of die-hard fans is not exactly an absolute decision.
The fact that there are no intense derbys or rivalries in North America for you to experience is a shame, but you are seriosley overestimating your knowlage about European sports culture and fan intrests. If I'm given a choice whether I want to see my team play in the NHL with Crosbys and Ovechkins on my as opposed to playing in FEL and encountering familiar teams and rivalries, I would pick the latter one, and so would a majority of European fans.

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