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Originally Posted by Markstroms pads
Players salaries has increased, but the quality of players has not. Not really. If you compare the star players of the SEL of ten years ago, they are on the same level as those today.

At least that's how i precieve it. But maybe time has messed with my memory.
Originally Posted by mattihp View Post
Someone doesn't remember the goalie and defenseman quality in the SEL ten years ago

The average goaltender in the SEL was pretty bad. Only thing that brought the average up to pretty bad from horrible was a couple solid tenders..
Goalies is a good example, but so is the "explosion" of young players coming out of Sweden the last 5-6 years.

That's another reason why the SEL is losing more players. They are to good to stay.

Arena, audience, revenue, TV, league, webb and player quality - Everything has gotten better the last decade. The SEL, and hockey in general, has never stood this strong if we look domestic. Quality has not decreased in terms of the league. With that said, it's not a perfect situation of course and the league development has stalled a bit the last couple of seasons and in some cases taken a few steps back - For example looking at the top teams who were pushing the league forward putting on the breaks a bit.

But in the same time things are moving even outside Sweden. NHL doesnt care if a player is North American or not, only if you are good enough - that's what matter. Young kids dream of NHL, not the SEL or the national team - and they are ready to go different ways (AHL, NA junior leagues) to reach their dream. And now we have the KHL throwing money around in Europe. We cant compete in terms of money, not in a limited Swedish market.

And when more players leave Sweden and the market more or less reached its ceiling, the solution is not to add more teams in our domestic top league if we aim for a competitive league. That would never bring us closer to the NHL or the KHL.

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