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06-17-2012, 08:45 AM
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I am writing about Slovakia but it can be applicable for Latvia vs KHL (with or without).

Young players, even kids, can see a way of their development into profesional hockey players. They have an example of Slovan Bratislava, a team which can help them develop in better competition. Look, Marko Dano played for Dukla Trencin many years. He played for Dukla senior team in slovak league, now he has to choose a way - stay playing slovak league OR route of CHL leagues OR Slovan (KHL). Of course, he chose Slovan because it is best way how to develop. Slovak league is weak (latvia as well), so playing for Slovan is good opportunity for Dano to play against better competition while staying at home, in Slovakia.

MHL route is also good example for younger players, or less talented. It is better route than playing slovak U20 league. All players from Tatranski Vlci says it.

KHL can make "hockey boom" - more kids want to play hockey, more investors want to spend money. Good for hockey.

KHL can support developing programmes of Slovak hockey federation like NHL is doing with ADM BUT slovak federation must DO something and WANT support from KHL. If slovak (latvian) federation is not interesting in creating better development programmes or dont want KHL support, so it is its problem not KHL.

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