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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
wouldnt be dead but there is obviously a positive benefit to having all of those guys play a) together and b) against better competition
It sounds right but we have nothing to show for it in reality. You can polish turd only so much I guess. Our national team (along with Belarussians) almost got relegated from WC last year. Not to mentioning Kazakhstan actually getting relegated.

Originally Posted by VladNYC View Post
Guys you don't understand, Latvia is an island impervious to effects from their surroundings. The money being poured into their junior programs means nothing. Their junior players having solid competition for the first time since the days of the USSR will not effect Latvian development in any way. Having their best players play at a level they couldn't even dream of a few years ago means nothing. Having a huge stadium filled with hockey fans means nothing. Being the most financially successful team in the KHL means nothing. Latvia is a country were they would get Turkmen Billionaire sponsorship even if they were playing pond hockey in people's back yards.
What extra money is being poured in our junior hockey? Where do you even get these ideas? You act like those 25 players would of been playing in some back yard in Latvia before they were assembled to play MHL They'd be playing abroad in any case.

And all this competative environment has clearly elevated our players to a new level, we are racking up medals in WC's left and right. This year we lost to Norway only by two goals, that bunch of hopeless SEL players never knew what hit them.

Having a huge stadium (which was there since 2006 just to be clear) being half-full every games makes a great difference too and we are reaping unknown benefits all the time. Lets not forget to mention that Dinamo Riga and no other club in the galaxy is the one which is loosing the least amount of money in whole KHL.

You can laugh at my points, but you haven't provided a single evidence to back up your statements about KHL helping (let alone saving ) our hockey.

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