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06-17-2012, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
Most buffalo fans will probably agree with you.

Most LA fans would probably see it in reverse.

Most non biased fans would see them as very good comparables.
Williams does not all. Defensively Pominville is miles ahead. Pommer has more blocked shots, more takeaways (though that's a very imperfect stat), etc.
Williams is not all. So similar to Pominville.
Pominville can be expected to put up at least the same amount of points (~60) if not more (like this season). In fact, the only season Williams has produced more was Pommer's concussion year, and even then only by 5 points.
Pommer is also far more durable than Williams, only missing time once to injury (the concussion).
Then there are the "intangibles" of Pommer being the captain, though that's a final consideration given intangibles are, well, intangible.

Pominville is clearly a better all-around player...I really don't see how that can be disputed. I don't think that's being biased either.

Williams has a role in LA, and he plays it well. Pommer plays a bigger role here. Williams is more of a glue guy in LA, Pommer is relied on for much more here.

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