Thread: Proposal: 3 way deal: MTL-ANA-NYI
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06-17-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
Why would Montreal trade a young stud,who is a key building block for picks or prospects?
They wouldn't.Unless wildly overpaid.If Snow asked for Subban,Montreal would insist on Hamonic.

You are the one playing NHL 2012, to think teams trade their young studs for draft picks,who maybe will someday have the impact, of the player they are trading away.

Players like that are traded away when they won't sign,demand trades or become too expensive for their teams to keep.None of those conditions apply to Subban.

And no way would Snow offer a high lottery pick,a high 2nd and next seasons first for Subban.Not when his 2011-2012 team finished a high lottery pick team.

What's next on the NHL 2012 plan after acquiring Subban?Signing Parise and trading for Nash?
So you didn't listen when I said not to bother including Hamonic. Nice job.

Snow isn't moving Travis anymore than MB is moving's called an HF proposal, and really what it would take to get the Isles 2012 4th pick.

Plecanek is soft, and not the answer to the Isles' 2nd line centre issue. Nelson or Strome will eventually fill that spot.

Nash is bum, and Parise is a pipe dream.

But at the end of the day, if you wanted to pry Subban from the Habs, this is what you'd be forced to pay.

Still waiting on what you would offer there, armchair.

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