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06-17-2012, 02:39 PM
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Well just back, first impressions very disorganised. My wife called yesterday to make a reservation, she was told the main hostess was'nt there yet, but took our details and they said the hostess would call back to confirm, after about 4 hours with no call my wife called back, was told hostess still was'nt available but we were on the list, eventually we did get a call confirming our reservation.
Our reservation was for noon today, we arrived right on time and was told that the waiting time was at least 30 mins, we informed them we had a reservation, they checked no reservation on their list and they would not accept a reservation for less than 5 people (we were for 3 people), eventually they said we would get the next table available, even though we could see empty tables, we mentioned it to the host they said they were for reservations, we pointed out they were tables for 2.
The entrance gets very jammed (fire safety) because as you come in on the right side is the store were people were lined up to buy beer and souvenirs and the people waiting for tables.
We eventually got a table and a nice waiter, very good selection of food and beer. we were warned the bar and kitchen were running slow because of the volume of people, on sunday they also have a brunch.
Decided to try the sampler of beer 4 different for $7.50, they bring it on a board with slots for 4 glasses, unfortunately the board that i had the spaces were to close and only 3 of the 4 glasses fitted in the slots.
My son and my wife had 2 different kinds of pizza and said was very good, i had the roast chicken very good but small portion of chicken.
First impressions a bit disorganised, the waiter came back a number of times apologising for the delays in the kitchen and the bar.
The patio was not open, maybe no license for there yet. They seemed to pay alot of attention to the store and they were doing a roaring trade of people just coming in to buy cases of beer.
The waitresses skirts i had no problem with them

I would go back but they have teething problems that needed to be sorted out.
PS no sign of Mr. Phillips today.

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