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06-17-2012, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaddict View Post
A strong camp would make him easier to trade, even if we have to
sweeten him a little to help the other team swallow. And a terrible camp might convince him to retire, or play in Europe.
Camp scares me, tbh. Last year he had a decent enough camp (despite the delayed start). He's a veteran player with wheels and some offensive skills. He could kick ass in the exhibition season, and it could mean nothing. Personally, I'd almost rather have him bought out, even with the stupid cap hit it would leave us, rather than face the possibility that he looks good enough in camp that the team affords him another chance. Almost. More, I'm just hoping for some hail mary salvation from the outcome of the new CBA.

I don't think other teams are going to read anything into his training camp. If there is some team out there that wants phantom cap space (and I don't see that), then maybe he could be traded. Otherwise (by far most likely) he can't be traded. His training camp isn't going to affect that.

I also don't see camp convincing him to retire or play in Europe. He's not all that old. He'll do what he wants. And he has millions coming that he'd be stupid to give up.

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