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06-17-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by dma0034 View Post
Apparently some people got hit with a dumb stick in here.

#1 Pominville > J. Staal. Pominville produced a 30goal (more than Staal ever scored in a season) 73 point season as a Captain. He was the most consistent player year round for the Sabres. Staal produced at a lesser pace on the 2ND line for Pittsburgh. Thinking that the is the solution to the Sabres is dumbfounded. He'll be paid higher than Roy and be less productive! A new contract would hinder the Sabres for years.
#2 Sekera is going no where. Yes the SAbres may be loaded at D but if you think Darcy has forgotten how valuable #7 and #8 defensemen are you're crazy. Myers, Sekera, Ehrhoff, McNabb will be our top 4 for years to come.
#3 Parise will not being signing in Buffalo (so no Parise - Staal - Ryan line)
#4 Staal will be moved unless he takes a discount. The Pens just signed Neal for 6 years (30 million)... combine that with Malkin and Crosby and there is very little room to sign the rest of the team (24 million invested in 3 players)
Staal is also 23 vs Pominville 29-30. He hasn't hit his peak production years yet and plays the position of more value. I love the Pommer has played for Buffalo, but I'd be willing to move him to land Staal. Same for Sekera, he's been great, but if we get the right offer for him, I wouldn't call him untouchable. There are other d-men I'd try to move first, but there are very few players on this team I'd say for sure we can't move.

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