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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Well one consolation might be that the head of the Edmonton Max happens to be the father of one of the victims.

Also wanted to clear up some facts from what I know of this entire incident. Apparently the company's employees had complained about Travis for several incidents, one being what he had posted on social media websites and a few other work related incidents. Travis was set to be released from his position the next morning, however he still had access to his locker(vest, gun, etc.). Travis caught wind of this and apparently wasn't even scheduled to be on shift that night and thus caught the team even further off guard.

Travis also had a very heated argument with his mother that evening about money that he owed her for his truck. He left the house in a rage all pissed off that night and told her that he would get her money.

Not that it really matters to the overall case but Travis was caught with a lot of cash at the American border. This was after he had stopped and left random amounts of cash in friends mailboxes.

I see the Journals website says he was found with $330k in cash but I would think it's more than that.
Caught wind of him about to be fired? That is a major gaff in that type of work and that is why once a decision is made to remove an employee from any job they are usually escorted off the premises immediately.

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