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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
As far as the kings number one priority its to improve the hockey club for next year. So i would say its to focus on the draft in a few weeks. As the kings may not have any picks in the frist 3 rounds i would think hes mostly focus at changing that somehow. Kings cant offically begin to negotate till July 1 so i would say a few things is frist.

Next just cause nashville overpayed for there goalie doesnt mean dean will. He has in his nogotation always resigned players cheaper then the market says they will. Last year drew was going to get between 7.5 -8 million according to the market. He sat out most of training camp and settled on 7. Jack johnson also was rumoured to be asking in the 5-6 millon range and signed for 4,357,143 My point is Dean gets better then market value for his players
As I said, come July 1st Quick needs to be the Kings #1 priority. And the draft is next week, not in a few weeks. And, if you dont think Quick's gonna get 7 million per, you're kidding yourself. He's UFA next year and his situation is nowhere near what Johnson's was. And nobody in the NHL would've given Johnson $6 million and I can pretty much guarantee that's not what he asked for.

I've heard Kings fans ramble about this "better than market value" that Lombardi usually gets with his players. Can you name ONE? "Better than market value" is what Detroit has with Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall and what they did with Lidstrom the last few years. Who on the Kings was signed for under market value? Doughty? He got $7 million per as a RFA. Thats nowhere near a discount. He's paid right where he should be. With most the top dman in the league. In fact, he's the second highest paid dman in the league.

Now, if you wanna say he trades for guys who signed contracts that might've been below market, I'll give you that. Richards and Carter...

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