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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
I'm getting a pain in the ball of my left foot about 30-45 min in. Is it a skating issue?
Sorry, where is that? Ankle bones?

Originally Posted by clayman View Post
After about a 30 year layoff from skating and playing hockey I have started skating again and bought new equipment, the skates being CCM U+12's. I did quite a bit of research on them and they seemed like the best bet for me, or so I thought.. I bought them, had them baked and still can't hardly skate in them! My 35 year old Bauer Special Pro 99's are so much easier to skate in that it's crazy! The old skates are worn out and I want to upgrade but what the heck? I was hoping to get used to the U+12's but I think I made a mistake. I read about the Bauer Flexlite 4.0's and while being a lower pricepoint skate they sound just like what I need. I read one review from another old school skater that they have the feel of a old style leather boot but with a modern touch. Any input on this? If I'd get used to the CCM's in time I'll stick it out but if I can get instant comfort again I might have to switch. Anyone else felt this way? The new style of boots and I just don't seem to click...

Thanks for any help and input!

**I just noticed that the new Bauer Nexus skates are available through HockeyMonkey-Are these supposed to be the new and improved Flex-lite 4.0's??
The Flexlite 4.0 was cheaper, yes, but it wasn't a pricepoint skate. The Nexus series replaces the Flexlite, but from what I know, the fit doesn't translate. The Nexus has a much deeper boot than Supreme, similar in depth to the U+12 and a squareish deep ankle pocket coupled with a wide forefoot like the U+12 except with a slightly wider toecap if I'm not mistaken.

Skates are something you NEED to try and buy in person. See what happened with your 12s?

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