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06-17-2012, 09:33 PM
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--I think the Kings should get one or two citizen nhl veterans serious to contend for the cup. This could be a subconscious motivator to wanna win one for your veteran teammate. Complacency C*** Block. A couple of people i think fit this bill, as well as work in with the BIG BODIED attitude is Shane Doan and Mike Knuble (6ft3).

--Sure i hate Shane Doan to, and the stuff he said after game 5 was inexcusable, but he did apologize for those comments and admitted to just being overly emotional. The guy is a flat out king killer, and this would eliminate having to face this guy 6 times a year. Doan is a flat out competitor and sure he's made no indication that he wants to leave PHOENIX but because he IS a competitor, drawing him to a CUP CONTENDOR becomes very enticing IMO. Production is still up and he's still in great shape. I say just do a one year deal to try to do it, if it does or does not work, he can sign back to PHX after the season and retire there.

--Knuble had a major statistical drop off in Washington, didn't really keep tabs of why that happened over there but it was significant, however his playoff stats were decent and last time he was a UFA the kings targeted him heavily. Don't think he's won a cup either and could fill out our bottom 6 nicely. I think Dean still likes this guy.

--i'm going to go on a limb and say that one of these guys gets signed. If not both

--I think we lose both Stoll and Penner, Teams overpay for stanley cup experience and i think the offers will just be too good for these guys to turn down. Both have made it known that they would like to stay, but i think the $$$ offered to them just becomes too good to turn down unfortunately.

Brown -- Kopitar -- Williams
Gagne -- Richards -- Doan
Lewis -- Carter -- Knuble
King -- Richardson -- Clifford/Nolan

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