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06-17-2012, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I loved the Spos, and I got to the Stade when I could when I was at Uni. But it was a pain in the ass, and a bad place to watch B ball. Way too dark. You want the sun and breeze on your face when you watch the summer game.

But man, I went to Jarry Park all the time as a kid, and you could not beat that. It was so easy, and so fun.

If we had got off our ass and built a cheap and cheerful 30,000 seater downtown, I would have gone to games all the time in summer, when I was a student. So would a lot of others.

Damn right. A sunny Sunday in July, the Mets in town. A 5 minute bike ride to the park to sit in the bleachers for 20 bucks, catching rays, drinking beer with my buddies and the girls, and watching the Spos? ****ing brilliant.

A downtown, sunny park would have saved the team. It would have been a party every weekend. That's Montreal's style, and the team and government just did not understand the casual but want fun market.

The Stade just was not fun. We ****ed that up badly.

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