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Originally Posted by thaman8765678 View Post
I'm going to offer my opinion as an unbiased poster who is a Flames/Flyers/Kings fan. Don't take anything I say as Flyer bashing or be offended.

As of right now the Flyers are the clear losers of both trades. Don't get me wrong the Flyers picked up a number of good solid young players and assets and it could pay off in the near future. However, both players were essential in the cup run. Don't try to tell me either that the carter trade was a huge win for the Flyers... he ended up scoring the game winning goal of the Stanley Cup playoffs so give him credit where it's due... he proved everyone wrong. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is winning the cup ..

Stopped reading right there. If Richie and Carter were here, they wouldn't have won jack with the beat up defense/goaltending. We lost nothing trading those two so far (still high scoring) and possibly removed a bad work environment for the rest of the team. I don't care if they win the Cup next year, too. We did great with those trades because the deciding factor in the playoffs, as usual, was LA's goalie and NOT Richie/Carter (although Carter gets credit from me for his appearance for once in the playoffs.).

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