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Originally Posted by Silverback91 View Post
No way that gets you Kesler + Luongo. That would barely be acceptable for just Luongo.

Atleast I had a fair reason for my offer. It was already agreed to by at least 1 Panthers fan.

Offering something like this is me saying why don't the Canucks give u Raymond Tanev 26th and 57th pick for Gudbranson + Campbell
If that's the case, then I can tell you that Luongo will not be coming to the Panthers.

I really couldn't care less as to what some 'Panthers fan' agreed to. That's hardly the basis for fair value.

Luongo has little value. (A rational GM will not give you a first round pick and a blue chip prospect for him.) If he was valuable, your GM wouldn't be desperate to dump him.

Don't worry. The fool in Toronto will overpay in order to appease his masters and give the fans their bread & circus.

(edit: Incidentally - don't take offense - I just think that many folks outside of Florida hear "Vancouver looking to move Luongo" & "Luongo wants to return to Florida" and assume "Florida misses Luongo and wants him back".... for the most part, we don't miss him and are rather ambivalent about having him back)


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