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06-17-2012, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
I'd rather pick up a better all-around player than Jokinen. Scoring, alone, with relatively poor defence, and an intermittent (at best) and not-so-strong physical game, is not going to help The Blues. They need to add scoring, AND size, AND physical game, AND speed, AND puck control. I know that's a tall order. But, I don't want to see Subotka as the 3rd line centre and Nichol as the 4th.

Jokinen would probably have to play on the 2nd line (due to his weak defence), pushing Berglund to the 3rd line.

I'd rather see a 2-way centre picked up, even if he scores less than Jokinen (but significantly better on offence than Sobotka). But, really, I'd rather have them pick up a better scorer than Jokinen, who can also play decent defence, to play on the 2nd line, bumping Berglund down to Line 3.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Frankly, I want the Blues to bring in a top center, pushing Backes to 2 and Berglund to 3, but I know that isn't likely to happen. So I would be thrilled with a center that can push Berglund down to 3.

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