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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Sorry, where is that? Ankle bones?

The Flexlite 4.0 was cheaper, yes, but it wasn't a pricepoint skate. The Nexus series replaces the Flexlite, but from what I know, the fit doesn't translate. The Nexus has a much deeper boot than Supreme, similar in depth to the U+12 and a squareish deep ankle pocket coupled with a wide forefoot like the U+12 except with a slightly wider toecap if I'm not mistaken.

Skates are something you NEED to try and buy in person. See what happened with your 12s?
Actually I DID spend quite a bit of time trying them and other skates on at my LHS. My issue is I skated for years with regular leather skates and had never skated with the actual new style of boot. The closest I had tried was the old Lange boot. When they told me they need to break in and they were much stiffer I had no idea to what extent. lol.. Walking in them in a shop versus skating with them is entirely different. If there was a way to try them out on ice first I would have known pretty quick.

The older skates had a lot more flexibility and a complete different feel, and I have to believe there are other skaters who prefer that type of skate. Anyway, that brings me back to my original question... Are the Flexlite 4.0 or Nexus skates more of an old school feel? Any feedback on this from those who have made the switch and gone back? Does that make sense? If someone has always used the new type of boot it might not, it didn't to me! lol..

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