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06-17-2012, 11:24 PM
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Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
Fan support in the area is outstanding.
Breathtaking scenery and tons of outdoor activities(Yellowstone, Grand Teton's, for both an individual and family to do.
The media isn't crazed like it is in big cities.
Similar climate to the lower parts of Canada.

If the money is there; a lot of those small-town, family oriented players who aren't overly fond of media exposure(Ryan Suter, Joni Pitkanen and the Staal's for example) would find it a great place to play.

The problem with putting a team in Wyoming would be finding an owner with the clout to back it and ensuring they have a good TV range to cater to the surrounding States. There aren't many big spenders up there.
They'd have no problem competing for FA's and the fan base is better than you realize especially if, like I said, they get the Dakota's and Montana in addition to just Wyoming(a team in Gillette would be an easy drive from Rapid City, SD and not too bad of a drive from Billings, MT).
I've lived in Wyoming. I know exactly what these areas are like. I enjoyed my time there. But If teams like Edmonton have trouble attracting UFAs, what do you think a team in (seriously Gillette) would encounter? If you drafted Nail, Kane, Kovalchek, etc, do you think those guys are not going to chomp at the bit the first time they have a chance?

There is no TV market any execs/advertisers would care about to generate revenue. Filling an NHL arena would probably be challenging, but I'll give you that one. (In the winter time, you really think season ticket holders are going to make those drives 40 times?) Its a money-losing proposition for an owner, but there are historical precedents for owners who just lose millions annually to field a team they love. You'd have to have someone like that. And I haven't seen guys like that lately, or they'd have bought Phoenix or St Louis a lot faster.

Not sure how Mellanby's coaching position ties into this, but

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