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Originally Posted by BrindamoursNose View Post
Stopped reading right there. If Richie and Carter were here, they wouldn't have won jack with the beat up defense/goaltending. We lost nothing trading those two so far (still high scoring) and possibly removed a bad work environment for the rest of the team. I don't care if they win the Cup next year, too. We did great with those trades because the deciding factor in the playoffs, as usual, was LA's goalie and NOT Richie/Carter (although Carter gets credit from me for his appearance for once in the playoffs.).
So the Flyers lost nothing by trading them? That's interesting I'm sure they could have helped defensively when the team was letting in over 3 goals against per game in the playoffs. Both are known for their stellar two way play and penalty killing ablities so to say the team lost nothing is absurd.

The deciding factor was not LA's goalie. It was a combination of stellar goaltending mixed with Sutter's defensive system and every player buying into it. Hockey is a team game and one player does not win the cup (although one player may lose the cup for a team.... see Leighton). And both were huge when they needed to be. Richards set the tone early game 1 against the Canucks and Carter came up with some huge goals throughout the playoffs. You take away either of those two players and the Kings do not win the cup end of story.

You can act like they won't be missed all you want but the truth hurts. If both were in the lineup healthy for the Flyers it might have made a difference. Philly was missing a shut down line. That is why we were giving up 2 or 3 goals every game against the other teams top players. Maybe Simmonds/Schenn/Voracek can provide as much offense than Richie and Carter could. However, their stellar defensive play and penalty killing were sorely missed in the playoffs.

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