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06-17-2012, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
They did, hence why their relationship was characterized as a work in progress. Having said this, Richards may have a point about Lavi's style to some extent. He's definitely a demanding coach but given how lousy Stevens was in that regard and how even the players admitted their conditioning sucked with Stevens as well as their preparation, it was obviously a good move by Holmgren to get rid of Stevens and salvage the season which almost netted them a cup. It was not unlike LA having to fire vanilla Murray and then catching fire and riding their MVP goalie all the way to a cup victory. In fact, for at least half a season Lavi had total buy in from everybody including Richards and Carter although Carter was injured at key times during Lavi's tenure including last year's playoffs.

Sutter's situation is similar to Lavi's. His style is demanding as well and a whole season of Sutter is pretty tough as well for players. At some point he might not have the same buy in as he did for the 49+ games he coached LA. In Lavis case he got a reset of sorts with all the new players but I have my concerns going forward....
your makin some serious sense my man. i agree with all of this and i am also worried that lava's hardcoreness may be running thin. but where do you go from here? what if we finally brought in bobby clarke "the coach". I'm kid din but thad be crazy.

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